Question to consider per this podcast:
Does C-3PO or any other Star Wars character represent the gay community in any way - good or bad?


  1. I'd say 3PO is more of a pansy-ish nerd who doesn't understand social politics or cues. Today, he would probably be diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. He has mounds of information to tell people but is totally unaware the person stopped being interested in listening to him soon after "Hello."

    C-3PO is not mature enough to have a sexuality, or be aware of what he would fancy. I would observe that his demeanor is more a lack of machismo rather than actually feminine. -- Although, he does walk around with his navel exposed.

  2. In this context the only Star Wars character that comes to mind is Jabba's nephew in the animated Clone Wars movie and series. Not an admirable character, but that's nothing to do with his Huttese sexuality. I'm not sure what his orientation is. And he might just be from the south.

  3. Let me clarify further what I meant when I said, "why does everybody in the world think that C-3PO is gay?” This really isn’t a commentary on C-3PO. It is more of a commentary on Anthony Daniels, as well as, a commentary on how some Americans view the British. I think there is an underlying feeling sometimes (and totally wrong I might add), that if a person has a British accent in a film or TV show, it means that the creator, of said work, is using a film-atic device that says “gay” abstractly. I hope that makes sense. I really do not think people think 3PO is gay. I think “pansy-ish” is a perfect description. He is like a brilliant, logical, Gomer Pyle. I also like the comparison of 3PO to Shaggy, but Shaggy was a stoner and 3PO is not. However, I do think some do think 3PO is gay because of the British accent. I think some wonder why Lucas chose a British accent/actor to portray 3PO. Americans, I think, have a stereotypical idea about the British which is either “pompous” or “gay”. And like wise, I think the British think of us as “cocky” and “childish” sometimes. Remember Monty Pythons Meaning of Life? – “Shut up, you American. You Americans, all you do is talk, and talk, and say "let me tell you something" and "I just wanna say.” Or, watch an episode of the British TV show “The Goodies” (1970-1982). They really make us look like gun-totin’ clowns in an episode or two. I never once thought 3PO or Daniels was gay, but I have heard noise to the contrary. Didn’t the Family Guy or Futurama make a gay 3PO or do I have the wrong cartoons?


  4. The Review:

    Last year my movie club, the Dying Breed Movie Club (also Co-founded by Chris Mich and Ross Brakman, plus Chris came up with the name), viewed Metropolis and the same thing happened to me this time that always seems to happen. I am always up than down on Metropolis. There have been times when I really enjoyed it and times I didn’t. Last year was a “down” time.

    Phil Congleton: Posted June 18th, 2010

    I have seen this film a number of times before in the past. I have seen different versions and alternate versions. The 1984 colorized rockin-80s version comes to mind and may still be my favorite, because I have always had issues with this film, but that one is at least entertaining. The film doesn’t shake me to the core nor does it draw from me the response that it has done for others. Because I have seen so many versions of this film, the fact that the music that the DVD Distributer picked sucked so bad, still didn’t bother me too much in my decision-making, because it is tough for them to pick the right music for some of these DVD releases. At least, I hope it wasn’t the original music, but cheap music the Distributer picked. The film is a great concept about a future world where Corporate-America has run amok and a man uses his love of a woman to create a monster. Various other messages are seen and explored as well as other subplots help carry this film into film-history. The costume used for the Robot-Woman does look great. The film is slow in the beginning, but once the Robot-Lady makes her appearance the film picks up. The camera-work is a little thick on the reaction shots. They are too long and too many. I think that is what hurts the film the most for me. It doesn’t look like a polished 1927 Silent-film, but more like a 1910 silent film in that respect and it hurts. The other 1927 films seemed to flow so much better. This film has the right idea, looks amazing in its scale (sets, special effects, number of extras, epic proportions), and I do understand its impact on film-history, popular culture and film theory, but there are too many rough edges and it is too slow for me to declare its greatness.

    Metropolis: Grade: B-

    I hope I get an opportunity to watch Metropolis again in the next few days and will report back my feelings (maybe it will be “up” this time), and some more commentary or the comparisons to 3PO and Return of the Jedi.

  5. OK, I got it on my 2nd listening of Chris' Audio-blog. It was the Simpsons!

  6. Wow. Great posts, guys. Thanks so much for taking the time to write. A few thoughts to keep the dialogue cooking: Regarding Josh’s comment: An interesting observation regarding Asperger’s Syndrome. Truth be told, I had to research the condition. And, yes, I can see Threepio suffering from it. PBF: Yeah, Ziro is an interesting character. I remember watching Clone Wars in the movie theater and questioning over and over again – is this a male or female Hutt? What’s going on with this character? I don’t know why the CW creators fashioned Ziro with that voice, color scheme, etc. But this would be interesting subject matter to pick at in a future DSW episode. Pcongleton: thanks for clarifying your comment. While I do not want to dismiss your provided inspiration for the Metropolis episode, I knew when I started DSW that I’d have to put Threepio (and our misconceptions about a lot of things) under the microscope. Funny thing when you’re drawing up the plans on any creative endeavor, things just seem to click and you run with them. So, when your comment about people labeling Threepio as gay – I ran wih it. That said, I feel your comments on Threepio and the misinterpretations of British characters are spot on. Funny thing: Lucas never intended to use Anthony Daniels voice as Threepio. Lucas intended to make him sound more like a used car salesman. However, once he heard Daniels voice in the dailies, he just had to use him and secured Daniels to cut the VO for Threepio. Return of the Jedi is interesting in regards to additional Brits on the scene, since up to Jedi the only other “good guy” Brit on the scene was Obi-wan. All other Brits in Star Wars were Imperial officers. Most rebels were American western types. Yet, in Jedi, both Mon Mothma and General Madine are introduced and add an English touch to the light side of the Force. A final thought to you and all checking in: I’m surprised Star Trek hasn’t been mentioned in this discussion. It seems “that other franchise” is a lot more open about championing diversity. Thoughts?

  7. Metropolis Review Updated:

    Well, I will change my grade from a B- to a B for Metropolis. Metropolis Restored makes it worth a B. The restoration makes the scenes that I always loved in this film even cooler. The city looks fantastic. The robot looks cool. The only thing I never understood is why do the cars of the future still look like Model-Ts, but that's just me. The score is fantastic. The restoration includes the correct music that was designed for the original screening. The pacing does get better with the right music. But, that is it! I still think the film drags a little and the acting by our (2) main characters is over-acting, even for a silent film. Don't get me wrong. I love silent movies, but I am in the minority, because I do not understand the huge hype about this film and this will be, at least, my 4th time seeing this, but you can't deny it's impact on film history and pop culture. - Grade: B

    About Digging Star Wars. I thought it was interesting that the antagonist in this film and Chris' upcoming film, Enter the Dragon, both are missing a hand........ kinda' like Luke?


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