Lawrence of Arabia

Special thanks to our guest and audio editor, Mr. Peter Fey. Please check out Peter’s current episode of his SoundTracks podcast at
Another special thanks to Phil Congleton for his sound recording talents. Search “Phil Meets The Movies” on Facebook for more movie magic!
Finally, I’d like to dedicate this episode to the memory of Howard Mich, 1940-2011. He was a wonderful father, friend and film aficionado who introduced me to the works of David Lean, among many other cinematic greats. I miss him.
“Farewell and adieu to you fair Spanish ladies. Farewell and adieu to you ladies of Spain. For we've received orders for to sail back to Boston. And so never more shall we see you again.”


  1. Thanks for the insight into the music relationships.
    I also liked the Mustafa parallel. I'm ready for
    another critical viewing of Lawrence of Arabia. It plays here
    in it's original 70mm from time to time.

  2. Nice job guys... you work well as a team!

  3. Paula, famed "legalese" voice at the end of each Digging Star Wars podcast, emailed this lovely comment:

    "Cheers Chris & Peter ...

    Just had a listen to the podcast and really enjoyed it. Gosh the knowledge that is imparted by you and your guests, Chris, is bewildering and awesome. The love of everything movie (especially everything Star Wars, of course) is just so evident in the podcasts. I love the background insights. It makes the whole process of movie-making -- from research to writing to filming -- so very interesting.

    Thanks to you both for sharing part of my day with me. It was nice to spend a little time with two (geeky but wonderful) friends. (By the way ... I meant "geeky" in the most lovable, adoring and attractive way!)

    And, Peter, I'm going to check out your SoundTracks on YouTube. I'm a real soundtrack lover and am looking forward to tuning into your YouTube offering.

    Great job, Chris & Peter. Thanks for a most pleasant 24 minutes. Have a good week!"

    Thanks, Paula!

  4. I'm serious. He was wearing a white Princess Leia gown. Shouldn't he be a little more serious? Maybe the Bespin dinner attire?

  5. Nice work on this guys. Yet another movie I have to add to my Netflix queue. Chris, I'm sure you know, even from your research around this particular podcast, but T.E. Lawrence was an archaeologist and adventurer in the Middle East before the events of the film. Reminded me of Indiana Jones- especially because Aqaba was where the Holy Grail was. THEN I read that T.E.was portrayed in a Young Indiana Jones episode as a lifelong friend of Indy! I am unfamiliar with Lawrence or the film, other than a Looney Tunes reference- I think it's Bugs- but I can't recall it right now. Anyway- I enjoyed the conversation, and I think the length is perfect. I think it needs the time to develop thoughts and conversation. Some of the shorter ones are like independent thinking exercises- "Gone with the Wind is like Star amongst yourselves" I also particularly liked the musical reference and comparison. On a technical note, I had a little bit of a hard time with the extreme stereo separation- I thought something was wrong with my speakers until Peter spoke from the right one! I like the idea of "hearing" you sit across from one another, but maybe mix a little more center next time. That said, this stuff is really fun to listen to, so thanks.

  6. Scott and MyView - Thanks for your comments and for listening!

    PBF - Ahem. I know for a fact that certain members of your family rock the white princess gown from time to time. You should be thankful I didn't go all desert on you with the Leia slave girl outfit.

    Joshjani - WOW. Great post. The Young Indy "Daredevils of the Desert" is one of my favorites and a worthwhile watch! Regarding our format, each episode of DSW is an experiment. I really, really like this format of podcasting and hope to continue it. But stay tuned for "different" types of episodes as well.

  7. Nice work guys!

    I was already a fan of Mr Fey's SoundTracks podcast but it seems as though I will need to put aside an extra 24 minutes of my life (every month?) for Digging Star Wars. I mostly enjoy the parts where you speak to each other in foreign languages.

  8. New post found on YouTube regarding the EPIC version of this DSW episode....

    Naus Skjule writes...

    "What about the star wars main theme being a rip of a song in Lawrence of Arabia the main score that runs through out the film when Lawrence is in the dessert on the camel. it's a tune that is the same as star wars theme only slower, just speed it up in your head as you listen."

    Thanks, Naus Skjule!


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