Enter The Dragon

Special thanks to Phil Congleton - our first guest and "guest" audio editor!

Questions to consider and discuss per this podcast:
  • Did Bruce Lee successfully shatter the film caricatures/stereotypes of Asian-Americans or, perhaps unintentionally, create a new stereotype?
  • Are the supporting characters in this film simply "borrowed stock characters" from other film genres, such as Blaxploitation and Mob movies?


  1. Great chemistry between you two. Loved the topic and expanding it into thought provoking areas.

  2. Thanks, Scott!

    A fellow producer I work with emailed me this note and asked if I could post it for him. Here's what Mark H. wrote:

    Nice. A couple other factoids:

    --When production started, Lee could barely get his lines out. Having to speak English and his stage fright from this enormous American production was so overwhelming, it actually caused delays in shooting.

    There was an extremely funny parody of Enter the Dragon in the comedy "Kentucky Fried Movie" The segment was called "fist full of yen".

    Thanks, very enjoyable podcast… agreed - The Man who loved Doughnuts" is one of the all time greatest shorts.

    ...Thanks for the comment, Mark!

  3. I feel proudly responsible on some level for getting you to even look at ENTER THE DRAGON. Now if you can find a link between Star Wars and "HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN" my hat's off to you.


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