The Terminator

DSW Listeners asked for a longer episode…so, here it is: our Digging Star Wars Season One finale – super-sized to a full 53 minutes! Listen in as your humble host Chris Mich and Cinematographer/Storyboard Artist David P. Ramos chat about the multiple layers of inspiration and coincidence between Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, James Cameron’s The Terminator and The Outer Limits…with rocking musical accompaniment by W. Scott Prestwood and Paul Oehlers!
To learn more about Dave and his work, visit his website at


  1. What a fantastic Season Finale. I love the new musical interludes, which really spiced things up. You and Dave have great chemistry with your discussions. I found a lot of Dave's info very interesting. Great job. Can't wait for DSW Season 2 and the wide CD release of DSW Season 1. Great stuff. Changing the way people enjoy the movies - Nice!

  2. great way to end the season. Talking to Dave earlier, I do remember that Outer Limits episode. Thanks for connecting the dots for me


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