Blade Runner Tour in L.A.

Hey, remember in the "Blade Runner/Phantom Menace" Digging Star Wars episode how I mentioned touring the actual locations of films can be a lot of fun and a great way to get outdoors? Well, I found myself in L.A. this past weekend to record our next episode of DSW and made time to tour multiple locations used in "Blade Runner"! This shot of me (poorly mimicking Harrison Ford/Deckard finding his way up to P.F. Sebastian's apartment) is taken at the Bradbury Building at 304 South Broadway in L.A. I followed the tour laid out at BladeZone and it was fantastic. However, instead of taxi-ing about town, my friends and I used the metro from Union Station (another BR film location), a car or two, and hoofed it on foot. It was a great day filled with a lot of fun and exercise. I highly recommend the tour! One of the guys on the tour was our next guest on DSW - so, stay tuned for our next audio installment!

p.s. The Bradbury (pictured above) was also used as a location for "Demon with a Glass Hand" - the  "Outer Limits" episode talked about in the DSW Season One finale, "The Terminator".

To see a recap of the Digging Star Wars Blade Runner tour of L.A., check out my video entry in American Airlines' "Love the Journey" contest at the link below. Once you're there, click VIEW GALLERY, then look AND VOTE for the GOLDFISH VIDEO by yours truly.

Thanks in advance for your continued DSW support!


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