Review: The Clone Wars, Season 4

Omni Award-winning editor John Cervino joins Digging Star Wars host Chris Mich in this comprehensive review of Season 4 of Cartoon Network's Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Also in this episode: music from GeoCentric's latest album, GeoCentric 6: Sound Formed in a Vacuum.

Special thanks to GarthIvan, Phil Congleton, all our guests and listeners who have made this past season of Digging Star Wars so much fun!


  1. Some comments have been trickling in from Facebook and YouTube...Here's what we got so far:

    From "Joe" on Facebook: "I think the spider thing is an homage to a comic book story about Maul... it's all in there .. I'm looking that up..."

    From "mariogalaxythree" on YouTube: "I Disagree with the review. I thought the Mon Calamari Arc was disappointing, Shadow Warrior was decent, The C-3P0 Arc was a disaster, the Umbara Arc was AMAZING, The Zygerria Arc was ok, A friend in need was terrific, the Rako Hardeen Arc was cool. But Massacre and Revenge were among my favorite episodes of the Season. Read "Star Wars The Wrath of Darth Maul" for info on how Maul Survived. Apparently, Morley, the Snake, helped him. I loved "Revenge"."

    THANKS to Joe and Mariogalaxythree for their feedback. Again, love when fans can go back and forth on this stuff. It seems the difference of opinion is widespread as fans in blogosphere seem either to LOVE or HATE the new Darth Maul story angle. I will definately seek out "Star Wars: The Wrath of Darth Maul". Thanks for listening and commenting!

  2. Just found another comment emailed in! Danieldelgrande writes:

    "Great episode, I really enjoy you talking about how much you all like star wars instead of the usual star wars haters. For this reason is the only podcast about star wars that I listend. Keep it up.
    PS: Sorry about the grammar, my main language is spanish. The next link es my onw web serie, I hope you like it. Thanks!"

    Thanks, Danieldelgrande! We have more in store for Season 3 of DSW, so keep on listening!


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