Loving the Alien, Hating the Hybrid: A Cultural Study of Robotech

In lieu of our regularly recorded episode this month, I wanted to share with you additional worthy recordings and other DSW news...

The YouTube video above is my recent oral presentation on Robotech from the 6th Annual PASSHE Graduate Research Symposium at the Dixon Center in Harrisburg, PA. Think of it as a LIVE recording DSW - complete with questions from the audience. Okay, there was only one question - but it was from one of the twelve audience members in Adminstration Room C. I geared this presentation to listeners who are Robotech fans, haters, or even newbies to anime.

As some of our listeners may recall, our DSW Blade Runner episode was up for an award in West Chester University's Student Research and Creative Activities Competition. Did we win? No. But I did  recieve this very handsome certificate....

I realize this is the academic equivalent of the "everybody gets an award" so common in kids' sports these days - but it's still a nice gesture. Thanks again to all who listened and commented on the Blade Runner post.

What else have I been up to since there's no DSW this month? Well, I guest starred on my good friend Phil Congleton's podcast Dying Breed Movie Club Meets the Movies: The Marx Brothers. Last weekend, we recorded another episode about the works and influences of Ray Harryhausen. Stay tuned for more info on that episode.

And, yes, we have started working on Season 3 of Digging Star Wars. As a matter of fact, we've already recorded one episode and are slated to record another one next week! So, keep checking back - because I plan on launching Season 3 in May.

As always, take care and thanks for listening!


  1. That is handsome! Can't wait for season 3. I'll be heading over to the Dying Breed after I hear about Robotech.


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