The Dam Busters

This is the Digging Star Wars you have been waiting for: The Dam Busters vs. Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope! George Lucas can deny and/or ignore mentioning this British World War II film all he likes, but there is NO DOUBT that the 1955 aerial war epic , The Dam Busters (directed by Elstree Studios alum Michael Anderson) not only has an overwhelming number of connections to A NEW HOPE, it practically provided the entire third act of the original Star Wars film.

Join me, returning DSW guest/composer/editor Peter Fey and special guest Mark Forshaw for this eye-opening, ear-tickling comparison of two of the greatest films ever made….

Special thanks to both Mark Forshaw and Peter Fey for their time, talent, and recollections...  

...and, as always, thanks to our faithful listeners!


  1. Our first comment comes from multiple DSW Facebook posts by an old friend and faithful listener "Joe":

    "Chris, I love your series,man....I'm listening now, I'm at 37:21.... and it just constantly tells me what I always felt, which is cool, is that, art in the present sometimes reflects art in the past, and I love the analysis, the interpretation and evaluation of all this in this short, there is always something you like that you seen before and you construction/sculpt a different influence that shows in your work. If, I had to ask Lucas one question to admit to, is 'was this one of your favorite films, and did it inspire you to help make Star Wars Ep IV'? oh!! and another cool thing,....Harry Potter... Tell me if you understand, or just think I'm crazy,,...but when I watch the Potter Films and read through the Potter books, I see an homage to a few things that I knew of 20 years ago.....and finally,...I love the choice to show a nod or homage the things you love that inspired you, bc it shows so many things that you learned and can create on your own....and appreciate. .........ok I'm done..... :)"

    Thanks, Joe!

  2. Another classic has gone in to my Netflix Queue. Another Great DSW has gone in to my memory.

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  4. Just an FYI...Elstree alum Michael Anderson returned to that studio with this show. In addition to the real world locations, which included actual air bases, many of the interiors were shot on the sound stages at Elstree. So that Star Wars connection is even a little stronger than this episode suggests!

  5. Philip C. Congleton wrote on our Facebook page...

    Finally watched Dam Busters last night. Very cool movie. Thought the plotline with the dog was ridiculous though. Yeah, the effects seemed a little off, even for 1954, but British-Film budgets were lower than Hollywood back then too so it probably was on par for that time period if you base it on British film budgets. It's so cool listening to how nice the British talk to each other even when bombs are falling all over the place. Oh, and Chris, If you and I and Pete had been watching this together I would have picked out Robert Shaw easily. lol. Grade: B+ for Dam Busters.

  6. Gents, I continue to appreciate your insightful cultural commentary, bringing not only a fan's joy to the topic but thoughtful observations and knowledge. And I am glad you did not shy away and highlighted the use of the appalling name for the dog in Dambusters. For while we must respect and hold onto the best of the past, some matters must be thrown away such as the use of that term. Mark F


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