Foolish Wives

In this special 5-minute episode of Digging Star Wars, we "dig in the wrong place" by exploring how Erich Von Stroheim's 1921 silent classic "Foolish Wives" inspired Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Want to download this episode as an MP3? It's available on SoundCloud for a limited time. Just click on the portal below...


  1. RAIDERS in IMAX was amazing. Totally blown away by the audio - recently sweetened by the master Ben Burtt for the IMAX release.

    Looks like Indy also saved the Box Office, too, according to this article:

  2. Philip C. Congleton wrote on our Facebook page...

    DBC 1001 Spotlight: Foolish Wives (1922) - Most of the time the 1001 Book can find you some great lost gems and sometimes some stinkers. Erich von Stroheim does do a great job as a creep who cons young naive women into getting their cash and the last 30 minutes is pretty good, but that is all really. This is considered his greatest film, a true classic and the IMDB has it at a 7.3 rating (very high), so I guess I am the asshole. I was too turned off by the disjointed piecing together of the story and editing and there were a lot of technical issues that could have easily been fixed even in 1922. I was disappointed and I have seen some amazing silent movies before this. - Grade: C-


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