J.J. Abrams – fellow musician?

I know it’s been awhile since I posted, so I thought you may appreciate this…

Recently, a good friend of mine asked me to list my Top 10 favorite dramatic films. After I drew up my list, I noticed that I owned most of the soundtracks to these films (or songs inspired by the movies). So, I put together the following Spotify playlist of various soundtrack tunes. One of these films’ composer thanks “fellow musician," J.J. Abrams, in the soundtrack linear notes. Any guess which movie gives this shout out to the Star Wars Episode VII director?
Listen to my “Oh, the Drama!” playlist and see if you can figure it out…


  1. I was going to guess Michael Giacchino but then I didn't see any of his scores on your playlist. Abrams has musical credits for Lost and Star Trek. What's the answer? TELL ME NOW!

  2. PBF, you are correct: Lost and Star Trek are NOT on the list. I'll give you (and anyone else reading) another hint: There is another Star Wars alum tied to the movie in question on my list...

  3. I'm going with Rachael Yamagata- best song on your list, IMO. She sings a great duet titled "Fireflies" with my man Rhett Miller, too.

  4. Well hello there, Joshjani! Yes, Rachael has an amazing voice and I do love her song in this list that was featured in Alejandro Monteverde's 2006 film "Bella" - which is a great, great movie. Alas, it is not one that mentions J.J. Abrams as a "fellow musician." Here's another hint: The film I'm looking for came out in the 90s...

  5. Perhaps yet another hint will help...

    Here is my list of Top 10 favorite dramatic films:

    01. Glengarry Glen Ross (1993)
    02. October Baby (2011)
    03. Citizen Kane (1941)
    04. The Insider (1999)
    05. The Grapes of Wrath (1940)
    06. Regarding Henry (1991)
    07. Bella (2006)
    08. Witness (1985)
    09. Life As A House (2001)
    10. Henry Fool (1997)

  6. Harrison Ford was in Regarding Henry.

  7. ding-ding-ding! We have a winner! Nicely done, Mr. Paul Schneider. In the Regarding Henry soundtrack liner notes, composer Hans Zimmer wrote: "My thanks to...J.J. Abrams, auteur and FELLOW MUSICIAN for letting me play in his band." J.J. Abrams (credited as Jeffrey Abrams) wrote the screenplay for Regarding Henry, starring Harrison Ford.


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