Robotech Academy ~ Kickstarted, Then Kicked to the Curb

Tonight, I sat down at the computer with my wallet in hand ready to donate to the Robotech Academy Kickstarter campaign ...only to find out that Harmony Gold cancelled the campaign a few days before the final deadline. Why? Because the funding stalled around $170K then trickled up to only $194K - several $100,000 short of it $500K goal. Here's the one of many RA Kickstarter videos:

I won't write a blog entry on why this campaign "failed" because someone already did that. And, as some of you know, I LOVE Robotech and have even written a paper on Robotech's treatment of Aliens vs. Hybrids which I presented at PASSHE in April 2012.

This blog entry was going to be a last minute plea for sci-fi fans to support the rebirth of a sprawling space opera that paved a path for Rebels and The Clone Wars (listen to our CW review #1 and #2 which mentions the Robotech/Clone Wars connections). Now, it's simply a memorial to another failed Robotech project. Nonetheless, I hope Harmony Gold figures out how to make Academy into a reality.


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